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The Slauerhoffbrug in Leeuwarden is a skew tailbridge with a deck of 15 x 15 meter. This bridge is a landmark in the city of Leeuwarden both in open position as in closed position. The bridge has two bearing bars and swings aside unther an angle of 45 degrees. The bridge deck is found in open position as well beside the road as beside the bridge opening. This gives the bridge a characteristic look. The lower side of the bridge is flat. The bridge is built up with L-form bent plate with 500 mm construction height. Principal beams and cross girders are absent. This bridge type lends itself to deckconstructions with low construction height. Bridges of large span to 30 or 40 meter are possible without principal beams. This bridge is useful by exchanging of a fixed bridge by a movable bridge with little traffic obstruction. The foundation of the tailbridge is built aside of the existing fixed bridge.

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