Company information for engineering of movable bridges
A. About the company
Van Driel Mechatronica BV is a private continuation of a governmental engineeringscompany. We have close relations with several civil government services. At the same time we work for the private sector.
B. Activities
Van Driel Mechatronica BV is a company for consulting and engineering. We are taking care of development, design, building, inspection and maintenance. Wij are gespecialised in movable bridges, locks, weirs and shiplifts.
C. Disciplines
Our company has two disciplines :
- civil and mechanical engineering
- elektric and elektronic engineering
The company's goal is to bring mechanical and electronical engineering together into mechatronica.
D. Civil and mechanical engineering
A lot of experiance in development, design, building and maintenance of movable bridges and locks is available. Especially the 20-years of experience by maintenance has put the stamp on our vision of quality. Our company has done many development projects like:
- a new bridgetype, tail-bridge
- a new minimum-maintenance bridge-deck
- a new type of shiplift
Different bridgetypes like liftingbridges, swingbridges, weighingbridges, drawbridges, flapbridges and tailbridges are designed and build.
Special attention is given to the esthetic charateristic of the design. This leads to remarkable creations.
E. Electronical engineering and remote control
The experiance in electronical installations goes parallel with drives of movable bridges. The technology in remote controlled bridges dates from the first development of monitor systems in de '70. This development evolves from an intensive controlled system to a more autonomic system. Movable bridges are nowadays controlled by a central controlpost or fully automatic control.
F. Automatic bridge control
A new development of Van Driel Mechatronica is the fully automitic bridge control. The handling of the bridge control is done by an autonomic electronic controlling system.
G. Safety systeem
The safety of a fully automatic bridge control must at all times be guaranted. Rules for safety electrical installations of movable bridges is lacking in the Netherlands. Van Driel Mechatronica has developed a safety system for movable bridges, which is related to NEN 6787.
H. Inspection and maintenance
We are combining our inspection conclusions with costcalculations and possibilities to change the construction into lower maintenance consturctions.

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